NEW ALBUM - Richard Fairhurst & John Taylor 'Duets' out now on BASHO Records!

'The whole set is remarkable for the amount of light and space these virtuosi are careful to include in their joint performance. Each one is a careful combination of improvisation and structure. Nothing hit or miss about it.' **** Dave Gelly, The Observer

'The intention was that the duo sound be as seamless as possible, in which they have succeeded with remarkable success. Their approach is sufficiently spare and restrained to avoid the sound of fistfuls of notes, and the mutual understanding between the two is so good that the flow from one musician to the other is virtually seamless.' **** Matthew Wright, The Arts Desk

'The pair avoid the clutter that can mar the two-piano format to develop a shared vision' **** John Bungey, The Times

'Quite gentle in places, with a captivating calmness to it in its best moments but full of torrid passion where needed, these duets are an unalloyed delight. An album to take your time over, to soak up all its manifold goodness. ' **** Stephen Graham, Marlbank

'Duets is emphatically uplifting, with Fairhurst and Taylor giving each other space to develop clear, melodic improvisations that brilliantly capture the dedicatees’ characters and illustrate their own strength of personality in bright, warm, genuinely collaborative and heartfelt music' Rob Adams, The Herald Scotland

'An intelligent, seriously considered project in which the pair has discovered a lot of common ground with which to develop their own personal visions' **** Selwyn Harris, Jazzwise